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Our Equipment

Current EdmDrill RT3038

Large Capacity EDM Drilling Machine

The Current EdmDrill RT3038 is a 5-Axis EDM Drilling Machine designed for parts used in the Aerospace, Power Generation and Medical industries. The extended W-Axis (vertical travel) on this machine enables very accurate positioning and drilling of difficult-to-reach surfaces and on extra-tall parts.

The NIKKEN rotary table for 4th and 5th Axes is one of the most accurate and repeatable indexers on the market today.

Current EdmDrill RT3038 Edm Drilling Machine


  • 30" (462mm) X-Axis Travel
  • 38" (965mm) Y-Axis Travel
  • 24" (609mm) Z-Axis Travel
  • 28" (711mm) W-Axis Travel
  • -10 to 115 A-Axis (tilt)
  • 0 to 360 B-Axis (rotation)
  • 110lb (49kg) Max Table Capacity
  • 0.004" - .256" (0.1mm - 6.5mm) Useable Electrode Diameters


  • Breakthrough Detection
  • Auto Electrode Changer
  • Less Electrode Side Wear for Better Hole Diameter Control
  • Siemens 840Dsl Controller

5-Axis Precision EDM Hole Drilling

VisionGauge VG700

Digital Optical Comparator

The VisionGauge VG700 Digital Optical Comparator is a fully-automated 5-Axis Inspection and Measurement System designed to check and verify the dimensional integrity of EDM-drilled holes.

This state-of-the-art machine quickly and accurately inspects 100% of the hole features on a part with powerful, adaptive feature-detection software; and generates a full inspection report with measurements, statistics, images, and other data to provide you with complete documentation for every part.

VisionGauge VG700 Digital Optical Comparator


  • 0.25μm XYZ Axes Encoder Resolution
  • 0.005° AB Axes Encoder Resolution
  • -10 to 115 A-Axis (tilt)
  • 0 to 360 B-Axis (rotation)
  • 20x Optical Magnification
  • 1.8" (45mm) Depth of Field
  • 2.1" diameter Field of View
  • ±0.00015" (4μm) Minimum Optical System Accuracy


  • System 3R Macro Chuck
  • High-Resolution Optics
  • LED Multi-Source Illumination
  • VisionGauge Software
  • 9-Megapixel Hi-Res Camera
  • Full SPC Capabilities

5-Axis Automated Digital Optical Inspection

Endeavor Precision is Nadcap Approved

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Materials & Processing

The EDM process can machine nearly every conductive material from aluminum to the toughest super-alloy grades, and anything in between.

Please contact us for more information about the materials we can drill.  We can also provide: CNC Machining, Grinding, Welding, Heat Treating and Thermal Coatings.